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15 миксов ≈ 256 треков, 943 ћЅ, около 10 часов
ќсновные стили: брейк-бит, брейкс, трип-хоп, турнтблизм, биг бит, фортепиано, драм энд бейсс, олдскульный хип-хоп, сайнс-фикшн.

Panic Sounds — Selected Tracks Vol. 1 86 ћЅ, 37:04  —качать

Pink Floyd — Is There Anybody Out There
Unkle — Awake The Unkind (Panic Sounds Rework)
Genaside II — Tony Guest
The National — Sorrow
We Fell To Earth — Sun Shadow
Jamin Winans — The City Surf
Fever Ray — If I Had A Heart
Clint Mansell — Music For A Film By Melanie Mandy
Bear McCreary — The Mercy Of The Living
Unkle — Awake The Unkind (Panic Sounds Rework Redux)
Smiles — Star On A Democratic Flag

Panic Sounds — Raiders Of The Lost Breaks 164 ћЅ, 1:11:51  —качать

Panic Sounds — Panic Intro
Panic Sounds — New Hope
Koma + Bones — Twisted Streets (Panic Sounds Edit)
Panic Sounds — Mboscodictiosaur (Ludovico Style)
Panic Sounds — The End And The Beginning
Ceaserfire — Trickshot (Panic Sounds Edit)
BBC Radiophonic Workshop — Dr. Who Theme (Unkle Reconstruction) (Panic Sounds Situation)
Vangelis — At Mr. Chew's
Panic Sounds — Positive Negative
Panic Sounds — We Are Going To Earth
Panic Sounds — Police
Cirrus — Hit The Decks (Panic Sounds Edit)
Nancy Sinatra — Bang Bang (Unkle Sounds Edit)
Panic Sounds — Boss
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (Outtake)

Undone mix є13 (cuts) 107 ћЅ, 46:49  —качать

 уски с последнего незавершенного микса.

ƒве новых демки: Colloqiuim (Redux) 6:55, Science 14:40.

» два ремикса: Johnny Cash Ч Hurt 18:52 и Ennio Morricone Ч The Big Gundown (Panic Sounds Edit) 22:36.

» еще немного брейкса, фолка, гаражного рока по мелочи.

It's war on the streets 104 ћЅ, 1:16:00  —качать

Mama Cass Elliot Ч Make your own kind of music
Denzel Washington (Training day)
Unkle Ч Guns blazing (Panic sounds situation)
Scott Glenn (Training day)
Snoop Dogg Ч Round here
BBC Ч Doctor Who theme
Thom Baker
Worse Ч I'm gonna be your doctor
Doctor Who theme (Unklesounds edit)
Michael J. Fox (Back to the future)
Iggy Pop & the Stooges Ч Search and destroy
Robert Downey Junior (Sherlock Holmes)
John Carpenter Ч Assault on precinct 13
Robert De Niro (Taxi diver)
Assault on precinct 13 trailer
The thin red line
Dj Shadow and Dan The Automator Ч The Good Bad and the Chutney
Dylan Rhymes Ч The way (Evil Nine remix) (Unklesounds edit)
Panic sounds Ч Acid break (demo)
Frederic Forrest (Apocalypse now)
Dennis Weaver (Duel)
New York, I love you
Fight club
Meat Beat Manifesto Ч Radio Babylon
Shaun of dead
Tom Middleton Ч Essential mix
Star Wars
Danny Dyer (Human traffic)
Gorillaz Ч Stylo (demo)
Sacha Baron Cohen (Bruno)
Unkle Ч Hellavision, Broken
Robert De Niro and Jon Voight (Heat)
Richard File Ч Lies
Scott Bakula (The informant!)
Sean Penn (At close range)
Unkle Ч Rabbit in your headlights (Unklesounds edit)
Ben Stiller (Tropic thunder director's cut)
Elias Koteas and Denzel Washington (Fallen)
Donovan Ч Hardy gurdy man
Electrelane Ч Atom's tomb
Die Hard
Radiohead Ч The gloaming (Dj Shadow remix)
Panic sounds Ч Cocaine

Director's cut 46 МБ, 33:31

Ѕыстра€ нарезка неиспользованных треков и семплов, которые надоели или разонравились в процессе сведени€

Great quest 62 ћЅ, 39:00

Rex the dog Ч intro
Indiana Jones and the Last crusade (Julian Glover as Walter Donovan)
Dj shadow Ч Building steam with a grain of salt (live from Austin)
Public enemy Ч You're gonna get yours
Neon one Ч Big mistake
Steven Spielberg talking about Indiana Jones and the temple of doom
Peaches Ч Rock and roll
Diner (Daniel Stern as Laurence 'Shrevie' Schreiber)
District 9
Panic sounds Ч Dark side demo
Jacob's Ladder (Matt Craven as Michael)
Star wars (Darth Vader breathing)
Panic sounds Ч Piano check
Elliott Smith Ч Miss Misery
Harry Nilsson Ч One
Dropkick Murphys Ч I'm Shipping up to Boston
Dubliners Ч Rocky road to Dublin
John Lennon Ч Give peace a chance
Thx 1138
Unkle Ч I need something stronger (Panic sounds dnb version)
Unkle Ч Panic attack
True romance (Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper dialog)
Panic sounds Ч Colloquium (demo)
The Big Lebowski (John Turturro as Jesus Quintana)

Are you watching closely? 44 ћЅ,

Driven to kill (Steven Seagal as Ruslan)
Goodfellas (Ray Liotta as Henry Hill)
Blly Preston Slaughter
Unkle Safe in mind
Tom Baker
Genaside II Basic Killer Instinct
Robocop 2 (Tom Noonan as Kain)
Alive in Joberg
Robocop (Kurtwood Smith as Clarence J. Boddicker)
Unknown track
Prestige (Michael Caine as Cutter)
My Bloody Valentine Sometimes
Panic sounds Kolokwium (demo)
Alive (John Malkovich as Old Carlitos Paez)
The War of the Roses (Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner as Oliver and Barbara Roses)
Genaside II Narra Mine (Original '91 version)
Inglourious Basterds (Brad Pitt as Aldo Raine)
Clinton Shorter
District 9
We fell to earth "Lights out" and Unkle "Dolphinarium" mashup
Thx 1138
2001: A Space Odyssey (Douglas Rain as HAL 9000)
Panic sounds Sea-sea (demo)
Casino (James Woods as Lester Diamond)
The Game (Michael Douglas as Nicholas Van Orton)

Fake record 76 ћЅ, 33:20

John Williams Ч Ah, Rats!
Basil Poledouris Ч Betrayal
Overseer Ч Meteorology
Strange signal 14.250 MHz
Rolling stones Ч Gimme shelter
Trivium Ч Like light to the flies
John Williams Ч Scherzo for motorcycle and orchestra
Lost Ч Sowyer promo
Dead prez Ч Bigga than hip-hop (Unklesounds remix)
Overseer Ч Chump Rock
The Libertines Ч Arbeit macht frei
Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Titch Ч Hold tight
Moby Ч Extreme ways
Dusty Springfield Ч The look of love
Training day Ч Alonzo shot in ass
Panic sounds Ч Sunset
Howard Shore Beacon hill
Children of men Opera
Gorillaz White light
Quannum Divine intervention
Jungle brothers Ч Breezeblock
Grandmaster flash Ч The messege
Unkle No pain no gain
Q Lazzarus and Garvey Goodbye horses
The roots False media
Simon and Garfunkel The sound of silence
Laserbread Farewell gold sunday

It is happening again 46 ћЅ, 33:46

Dj Shadow Ч What does your soul look like (Part one Blue sky revisit)
Dj Shadow Ч Outsider intro
Unkle Ч What are you to me?
Public enemy Ч You're gonna get yours
Dj Krush feat The Roots Ч Meiso (Dj Shadow remix)
Clint Mansel Ч Trailer bedtime
Philip Glass Ч Metamorphosis two
We fell to earth Ч The double
Unkle Ч What are you to me? (Sasha's involver remix)
The Prodigy Ч Run with the wolves
Unkle Ч No pain no gain

American psycho
Lavelle and File
The Beach
Saving private Ryan
Children of men
The Prestige

Never never land mix 30 ћЅ, 21:25

Ќарезка со второго альбома Unkle, включа€ неизданные и бонус-треки.

Whats wrong? 11 ћЅ, 9:58

GoodFellas Ч Funny guy scene
Peter Pen Ч The second star to the right
Joy Division Ч Interzone (live at the Factory)
Bob Dylan Ч Things have changed
Oldschool movie theme
Wonderboys Ч My car motherfucker scene
Me, Myself and Irene Ч Fight scene
Mad and Gagua Ч Your heart black
Unkle Ч I need something stronger
Singing in the rain Ч Good morning scene
Peter Pen Ч The second star to the right

One two one two 14 ћЅ, 12:30

The thin red line intro
Terminator x Ч Vendetta the big get back
The prodigy Ч Poison, music for the jilted generation intro
Captain rock Ч Capt. rock to the future shock 2
Rage against the machine Ч Take the power back
Coldcut Ч More beats and pieces (daddy rips it up mix)
Benders voice from futurama
Unkle Ч Berry meditation (the darker the berry)
Massive attack Ч Heat measer live
Half-life episode 2 trailer
John Williams Ч Munich 1972
The Prodigy Ч Their law dvd theme
Leeroy Thornhills voice
Massive attack Ч Brave new world and score
Black sabath Ч Snow blind
Unknown track
The Prodigy Ч break and enter
Bushs voice from Fahrenheit 9/11
Unknown track
Voice from Jacob's Ladder
Bill Murrey (Bryan Ferry and Roxy music Ч more than this cover)

The most provocative and contradictory 42 ћЅ, 36:50

Public enemy Ч Public enemy number 1 (Chem. Bros. Radio 1 mix)
Massive attack Ч Butterfly caught live
Beastie boys Ч Professor booty
Dj Shadow Ч Organ donor
Unkle Ч Sassafrass (Plaid mix)
Public enemy Ч Miuzi weighs a ton
Beastie boys Ч Heart attack, Car thief, Sounds science
Timo Maas Ч Haven't we met before
Public enemy Ч Yo! Bum rush the show (Massive attack Radio 1 mix)
Jim Carrey Ч Somebody to love (The cable guy soundtrack)
Beastie boys Ч Pass the mic
Linkin park Ч Session
Cirrus Ч Rock the funky joint
Craig Armstrong Ч Leaving Paris
Unkle Ч In a state (remix)
Dr. Dre Ч Still Dre
Unkle Ч Ape shall never kill ape (Soldier ape mix)
Mirwais Ч Disco science

Its all about beats, scratches and guitar 43 ћЅ, 31:17

DJ Shadow, Chief Xcel, Lateef, Lyrics Born and Gift of Gab live on BBC Radio 1
Unkle sounds Ч WW III
Fleetwood Mac Ч The Chain (Unkle sounds edit)
Unkle sounds Ч WW III
DJ Shadow, Chief Xcel, Lateef, Lyrics Born again
Mos Def Ч Ghetto rock
DJ Shadow Ч Reconstruction medley
The Prodigy Ч Bgat acapella
James Lavelle Ч Cream live 2
Michael Jackson Ч Beat it
Unkle Ч Back and forth
Black sabbath Ч Changes
DJ Shadow, Chief Xcel, Lateef, Lyrics Born again
Breakbeat era Ч Bullitproof (Unkle remix)
Unkle sounds Ч WW III
Unkle Ч Ape shall never kill ape (Soldier ape mix)

All sorts of music shit 68 ћЅ, 49:24, live

Public enemy Ч Louder than a bomb (Massive Attack mix)
Freestylers Ч Scratch 22
Massive attack Ч Euro zero zero
Dmx Ч Who we be (Unkle sounds mashup)
John Travolta & Samuel L. Jackson Ч Royale with cheese
Terence Blanchard (25th hour)
Death in vegas Ч Girls
Ч Tokyo + Vaders piano
Half-life 2
Moby Ч Sunday
Lunatic calm Ч Metropol
Jazzy Jay Ч Son of beat street
Mos Def Ч The begger
Genaside II Ч Bizarre Bleedin'


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